June 2006

Last few days of studentless bliss…

The trip to Chiang Mai was a very welcome break from all the madness and unnecessary stress over here, and there will be pictures soon, so no need to tell too much about it now.

But Seem City though… I was explaining to j. the other day how I thought that the pun, albeit being a little forceful and obvious, embodies what this place really is all about: a simulation, times two. So everything seems ok and nice and all. It would take more than just this post to fully develop this – and there will be quite a few entries on the matter, I think – but Seem City is at least more honest than Lion City.

Feel free to disagree and show me otherwise.

Even their idea of a casino, straight from some winning Las Vegas think tank or something, becomes an integrated resort. I mean, who are we really trying to fool here? So yes, seem city it is.

Random example:

Every evening after work I walk by the soccer field at my school, and as I almost always take this 8-minute walk to just let go of  whatever kept me busy/frustrated/unnerved/bummed for most of the day, I watch the kids kick the ball.

They’re having fun, these kids, no doubt about that. They can’t really play, but it’s not the point, is it? It’s getting together, it’s trying out a few slick moves, it’s nailing that free kick, just like Beckham used to, before he turned Old Spice Posh Boy.

They’re also far away from home, these kids, and as the Emirates ads remind us ‘we all speak one language: football’ ™ © ®

So the nice, heart-warming fuzzy-feeling postcard goes like this: the kid from Sri Lanka passes the ball to the kid from India, who dribbles the befuddled kid from Malaysia and confounds the Malay/Chinese kids from Singapore and, with the unexpected yet essential help from his friend the kid from China, engages in a samba-like exchange, leaving the goal keeper kid from wherever in shock.

The postcard from Seem City.

Reality check: all the abovementioned kids do play soccer, but not at the same time, and it doesn’t take a PhD in socceriology to figure the teams out. Now, I haven’t checked once, or twice. I have checked every day for maybe a year or so. The kids play according to the colour of their skin, the ethnic group they belong to, the overpriced footballing paraphernalia they use on the pitch. So much for racial harmony, this is sequential racial harmony, a multi-compartment Tupperware melting pot.

It’s only soccer, I know, but it speaks volumes about quite a few other things too. Read Galeano, he writes it crystal clear.

kimono rockIt’s quite wonderful what procrastination and a bit of down time at work can do, really. I originally wanted to start this electronic repository of indiscriminate rantings about three months ago, and see what happens: predictably, it’s here, about three months late. How italian of me!

Speaking of which, ne serait-ce pas mieux d’ecrire en francais? Ah, sa mere le blog, pas d’accents!

oh well, just testing anyway… more to follow…