So I am still around, but the picture above is the reason why I disappeared from this space for three months now…

Musically, a lot of things are happening, or at least I am taking as much time as I can to make those things happen, and we shall see what will turn out from there. So, keep posted, tune in, and drop by!

Pictures of an imminent romantic vacation to come in a short while too, I believe…sounds-like.jpginfluences.jpgamberhaze-duo.jpg

So after nearly three years spent in Seem City, I finally attended my first non-classical concert. This coming from someone who used to spend his meagre stipend in London to watch bands on a weekly basis, you can understand how getting my ears roughed up a bit came as a relief, at long last.

Not that we’ve had no choice: Nana Mouskouri and Kenny G came a few months back, Clayderman is a regular, Coldplay played their earnest ‘we need to save the earth’ stadium-friendly tunes for the socialist-minded sum of 180 bucks (seem city money, but still), and about 2000 15 year-old-schoolgirls convened when Franz Ferdinand stopped over.

But Mogwai now, that’s another matter. They played at the Esplanade theatre, which is one of the Classical venues of choice: good acoustics, comfortable seating, no mosh pit. Not that you need one with Mogwai, mind you… but it was interesting to see how the usual uppity crowd of well-to-do educated Seem citians had morphed into the national convention of indie kids. I suspect it was all their children anyway… seriously, how many dark thick-rimmed glasses can you have in an ‘alt rock’ concert? But nevermind the sociological rant.

At least the usual Mogwai crowd is well behaved to the point of not talking within the tracks, and since Mogwai played their set almost straight, the crowd didn’t say much. That reminded me of the black sessions on France Inter some 8 or 9 years ago, when they were still a relatively unknown Scottish outfit. The same earshattering drive, the same ethereal melodies, and somehow what works is the combination of both. It is actually a harrowing experience live, which is why I don’t think you can talk so much.

My problem with Mogwai is that I can’t remember the title of the songs, but the highlight of the gig was the last 20 minutes of the first set, when they segued the opening of happy songs for happy people into Mogwai fear Satan from the young team album, and then, just when you had sunk in the trancelike motive of that track, they played Glasgow megasnake (correct title? See, I don’t remember and I can’t be bothered to check amazon whether I’m right). Awesome. J. wished she had taken up the offer for free earplugs at the entrance though…

Whatever it is, listening to a band like that always gives me directions for my own music, and at the same time thoroughly frustrates me a bit too. Same old same old. But it’s getting there, slowly…

Last Sunday we were walking around after a particularly succulent Japanese meal, and this is what I saw in the basement of a shopping centre:

I was kind of curious to go and check out their modus operandi, like the good skeptic nerd that I am, but I was pushing the pram so…

But it’s the first time that I’ve seen a shop like this, and come to think of it, there must be quite a few more around. Now that we are entering the infamous hungry ghost month soon, I bet they must be making tons of money.

The truth is definitely out there.

kimono rockIt’s quite wonderful what procrastination and a bit of down time at work can do, really. I originally wanted to start this electronic repository of indiscriminate rantings about three months ago, and see what happens: predictably, it’s here, about three months late. How italian of me!

Speaking of which, ne serait-ce pas mieux d’ecrire en francais? Ah, sa mere le blog, pas d’accents!

oh well, just testing anyway… more to follow…